Tuesday, July 01, 2008


I've always been a fan.
I, myself, have toed the line and know the pain, joy, nadirs and zeniths that are part and parcel of this thing we label sport. To be trite, it is agony and ecstasy. Life.
For me... not so much for the high dollar 'ball-sports'. Indeed, those folks have paid their dues to compete at a national and lucrative level. They've practiced long and hard at a skill. And some endurance. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge fan of: both Footballs, Baseball, Motor sports, Hockey, you name it. Being partial, I gladly throw track and field into my elite camp.
But, for me, the account is not level. The pain bank for the 'ball sports' has not been paid it's due deposit. Not even close.
Give it a try. Get on the bike sitting in your garage and go ride 60 miles in 3 hours. I dare you.
Then, put boxers throwing punches at you every 200 meters for those miles. Then try to win.
And that's just a regional or continental race. World class race? Multiply it. By much.
I digress. Another big race this weekend. The Manhattan Beach Grand Prix is a revered race.
The VKitties did just fine.

Jen 'wheels' Wilson gets a call up (like a pre-event ovation) to the line.

She's been racing well over the last couple of seasons. Call up is good.

JW and Liz Hatch patrolling the pack. Sensible.

Lizzer takin' care of VanderKitten bizzer. Team patroling.
Nobody seems to want to cut this gal some slack... but she is a top flight racer.
She is becoming a great student of the game. Don't let the pretty face fool you.
She takes care of team business when it needs to be done.
Motor. Strong. Fierce.
Now that gets the job done.
Strong, baby.

Then, there's Melissa. Wow.
Uber composed. Uber fit. Uber fast.
And my fave part is just how Zen-like she approaches life.
I'm beginning to take lessons.

Vanderkitten is figuring it out.

Vanderkitten is just starting to gel. Make no mistake.

To quote Ted "Theodore" Logan... "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K...".

That is a quote I don't take lightly.

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Anonymous Nat said...

There are a lot of "solo" sports I can think of and I always wonder how people stay committed to them long term with little promise of ever actually supporting themself financially through it. I guess it's all about passion for the game.

2:04 PM  

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