Friday, April 04, 2008

How proud am I?

Yup, the gal got a call up for a Pro type ride at one of the biggest races this side of the pond...
Redlands, baybee.
Vanderkitten racing is looking to make a mark on the domestic circuit. So happy to be racing for the upstart kids on the block. So thankful that they would look to provide my local gal with a kit in which to ride one of the premiere races on the NRC circuit.

I was at work and found out there was a live web-broadcast of the start...
Managed to hit alt-printscreen in time.

Woohoo!!! A TT! and uphill at that! Not Wheels' forte, to say the least. But, you gotta give it a whirl if you're gonna race for the next three days...
Proud I am, indeed, with today's Prologue/Stage .5 results.
My gal shaved a clean 39 seconds off of last year's time. Woot. Better than last year and better placed.
Mara Abbott (High Road), stud(ette) that she is, killed theTT with a win, but I'm jazzed to say that VK placed a couple of riders well within 2 minutes from the lead and then the rest of the group within 2.75 minutes. Heck, the whole VK team lies in the top 2/3 mark of the peloton. Consistency.
"Merde" to the VKs that venture forth on today's first road stage at Redland's Bicycle Classic.
Kick some Kitten ass.

Proud, I am. Proud of all the female racers. Proud of the non-pro gals that show up to play with the 'big gals' of the sport.
Gals that have day jobs pitting themselves tooth-and-nail against those that get paid to ride a bike.... The fact that they bring any game at all is aces in my book. Pure aces. Pocket rockets.
That just kicks ass.

More to come on this year's Redlands Classic Stage Race.


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