Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Clark County Tre-dux

From desert oases to valleys of fire to backyard gardens...
I still find that it's the minutia, normally overlooked, that captures my eye.

Barely larger than a dime, this little fellow unexpectedly landed on my erstwhile subject.
Good luck, indeed.

Like quicksilver... or a blister in the sun?
Actually, it was a lonely drop of pine sap on a rock.

Almost liquid.

I'll take mine... rocks, with a twist.

...like regulars, the boys bellied up to the bar.

Another heavy drinker.

What ABCs.


Ant on infant pine shoot...

...with a side of yucca.

Bring a canteen. And a camera.

I think so, too.

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Blogger The Eye said...

Dude! These are AWESOME. All this with your little SP-350?

3:26 PM  

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